Renewable Heating

Renewable Heating
We at MWH are proud to say that we’ve been helping customers reduce their energy bills and household carbon footprint for over 10 years through the installation and management of renewable energy systems with minimal compromise to the aesthetics of their homes.

There’s been a large rise in the demand for such systems as part of a global drive to take better care of our planet. We at MWH are spreading the word on the Governments ‘Clean Air Strategy’ which aims to lower national emissions by 30% by 2020, and we’d love you to join the movement!

Whether that’s through solar thermal heating, ground source pumps, wood-burning stoves, biomass burners or rain/greywater harvesting we’ve got you covered. Not only can we help you choose and install the most cost-effective system whilst reducing your households carbon footprint, but we’ll keep your system fully maintained and notify you when any maintenance is due.

Give us a ring today for a free no-obligation quote or even just for a bit more information on what you could be doing today to help reduce carbon footprint and to save on those pennies!

The renewable heating services we offer include:
  • Free no-obligation quote
  • Air source pump install
  • Air source heat pump servicing
  • Air source heat pump repair
  • Biomass heating install
  • Biomass heating servicing
  • Biomass heating repair
  • Commercial renewable heating
  • Flue installation 
  • Flue/Chimney sweeping and repair
  • Greywater harvesting install
  • Greywater harvesting servicing
  • Greywater harvesting repair  
  • Ground source pump install
  • Ground source heat pump servicing
  • Ground source heat pump repair
  • Solar-thermal heating install
  • Solar-thermal heating servicing 
  • Solar-thermal heating repair
  • Wood burning stove install
  • Wood burning stove servicing
  • Wood burning stove repair
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